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ICS trusted T8310 Expander Processor

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  • MaterialN/A
  • Size30 * 30 * 30 cm
  • Weight1 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T,Western Union
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Product Detail Information


ICS trusted T8310  Expander Processor

We supply :


PLC : AB,ABB,GE,Schneider

DCS : ABB,Siemens MOORE,Foxboro,Westinghouse,YOKOGAWA


Excitation cards : ABB,GE Marke

Contact Abby Lu


phone:0086 18050019721 



Advantage products as below:

07EA200 GJV3072418R1

07EA60R1 GJV3074350R1

07EA61R1 GJV3074351R1

07EA62R1 GJV3074352R1

07EA65R1 GJV3074359R1

07EA80 GJR52302

07EA90-S GJR5251200R0101

07EB200 GJV3072411R1

07EB61R1 GJV3074341R1

07EB62R1 GJV3074342R1

07EB90-S GJR5250900R0101

07EI60 GJV3074357R1

07KP60R101 GJV3074360R101

07KP62 GJR5240400R105

07KP64 GJR5240600R0101

07KR228 GJV3072401R1 07KR228R1

07KR2401 GJV3072402R1 07KR240b

07KR264dR1 GJV3072403R1

07KT228 GJV3072417R1

07KT240DR1 GJV3072419R1

07KT60 R101 GJV3074381R101

07MK62 GATS110143R0002

07NG60R1 GJV3074310R1

07NG61R1 GJV3074311R1

07NG61R2 GJR5240300R0202

07NG63R1 GJV3074313R1

07NG63R2 GJV3074313R2

07NG66R1 GJV3074315R1

07NG66R2 GJV3074315R2

07NG68R1 GJV3074317R1

07NG81 GJR5213300R0006 07NG81R6

07NG82 GJR5215100R3

07PA85 07PS8507TR85

07PG200R1 GJV3072408R1

07PG201 GJV3072409R1

07PG85 07PG85R1 GJR5219800R0001

07PR62R1 GJV3074336R1

07PR62R2 GJV3074336R2

07PS60R1 GJV3074330R1

07PS61R1 GJV3074331R1

07PS62R1 GJV3074332R1

07PS62R2 GJV3074332R2

07PS62R3 GJV3074332R3

07PS63R2 GJV3074333R2

07PS63R3 GJV3074333R3

07PS85 07TR85 07PA85 GJR5219500R0001

07TR85 07PS85 07PA85

07XS80 GJR5212000R5

07YS80 GJR5212100

07YS81 GJR52221800R2 GJR52221810R1

07YS86 GJR5215400R2

07ZB60 GJR5240200R0001

07ZB69R1 GJV3074379R1

07ZB69R2 GJV3074379R2

07ZE60R201 GJV3074320R201

07ZE60R302 GJV3074320R302

07ZE61R101 GJV3074321R101

07ZE61R201 GJV3074321R201

07ZE61R302 GJV3074321R302

07ZE62R101 GJV3074322R101

07ZE62R201 GJV3074322R201

07ZE62R302 GJV3074322R302

07ZE63R302 GJV3074323R302

07ZE85 07ZE85R1 GJR5219400R0001/9075

07ZE88 GJR5231800R101

07ZG60 R1 GJV3074356R1

07ZW80 GJR5215300R2

07BE61R1 GJV3074305R1

1SBP260106R1001 XE08B5 XE08B5-d04

1SBP260502R1001 ICMK14F1 ICMK14F1-K10.0

1SDH000460R0508 SACE PR120/B

ECZ FPR3700001R0001

FPR 370 0001 R0001 FPR3700001R0001

FPR3311101R0026 ICSO08Y1-230

FPR3311101R1022 ICSO08Y1-24

FPR3312101R0026 ICSO08R1-230

FPR3312101R1022 ICSO08R1-24

FPR3315101R0014 ICSI08D1-120 ICSI08D1

FPR3315101R0016 ICSI08D1-230 ICSI08D1

FPR3315101R0034 ICSI16D1-120

FPR3315101R0036 ICSI16D1-230

FPR3315101R1012 ICSI08D1-24 ICSI08D1

FPR3315101R1032 ICSI16D1 24

FPR3316101R0014 ICSI08E1-120

FPR3316101R0016 ICSI08E1-230

FPR3316101R0034 ICSI16E1 -120

FPR3316101R1012 ICSI08E1-24

FPR3316101R1032 ICSI16E1 -24

FPR3316401R0016 ICSI08E4-230

FPR3319101R0082 ICSC08L1-24

FPR3319101R0084 ICSC08L1-120

FPR3319101R0086 ICSC08L1-230

FPR3319102R1162 ICFC16l1

FPR3323101R1012 ICSF08D1

FPR3327101R0204 ICSK20F1-120

FPR3327101R0206 ICSK20F1-230

FPR3341501R1042 ICSA04B5

FPR3346501R1012 ICSE08B5 ICSE08B5-24

FPR3600227R0204 07KR31

FPR3600227R0206 07KR31

GJR4500400R1 35NE90

GJR5136400R0001 35GS9135GS91C 35GS91B

GJR5136500R0001 35GS91

GJR5137400R0002 35DS91

GJR5142800R0001 35AB94B 35AB94

GJR5143000R0002 35AA9

GJR5143100R0001 35EK90

GJR5143200R0001 35EK91

GJR5143600R0001 35TP90

GJR5143700R0001 35SK96R1

GJR5144900R0001 35ST90

GJR5145800R0001 35EB92

GJR5146600R0101 35ZE94G 35ZE94F 35ZE94

GJR5146900R0101 35CS91

GJR5210000R1 07ET40R1

GJR5217500R0002 07ET83B

GJR52211100R1 07YS82